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All These Moments

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Liveblog from Horowitz's Speech

This may seem redundant since I linked to my twitter profile in the previous entry, but it makes sense if you think long-term. My twitter profile has non-political stuff as well. (A.k.a. boring personal crap.) So I decided to post my Horowitz liveblog here in order to make it accessible without forcing people to click "back" repeatedly on my twitter profile.

Also, these are just my immediate observations during the event. I will post my analysis and reactions as soon as I can.

6:55 - I just overheard someone say, "Don't you think it would be fun to be a conservative here?" Yes, yes it is.

7:09 -
Protesters are inside now, chanting very loud.

7:12 -
They're delaying his speech with their chanting.

7:16 -
There's something Orwellian about chanting "free speech" in order to drown out someone else.

7:20 -
I will give the protesters credit, their presence is much more obnoxious than when we host John Ashcroft.

7:21 -
I talked with a woman who was a part of College Republicans in Wisconsin, she said when Horowitz visited they were spit on.

7:23 -
Some of the older conservatives are very upset and demanding that the protesters be thrown out for their third violation. (It's way past 3.)

7:24 -
The younger conservatives are less irritated, but we are becoming less amused as it goes on.

7:25 -
Horowitz says he has never personally called for a liberal professor to be fired. They say he is still guilty for providing "ammunition."

7:25 -
Horowitz reminds them that there is a Q&A section if they want to rant at him, but apparently they don't want to wait.

7:27 -
The protesters keep making snippy remarks and overlaughing. Someone goes "hur hur hur." It made me laugh.

7:30 -
The talk just got completely shut down. Now they're talking about ejecting the protesters.

7:31 -
"Who's the censor now?!" They're chanting. Well... aren't they guilty of censorship?

7:31 -
An uneasy quiet just went over the room.

7:33 -
He says he has no objection to Marxists teaching at a University, provided that they do it professionally.

7:34 -
He says, "I think teachers should teach students how to think, not what to think."

7:36 -
"Students are presented with political doctrine as if it is the truth."

7:37 -
"A teacher is obligated not to indoctrinate his or her students."

7:40 -
A protester just said something about the Iraq War. Seriously?! I guess no matter what the issue is liberals are right because of the Iraq War.

7:41 -
Horowitz said he read countless Marxist and socialist literature, and never once read a chapter on how to develop wealth.

7:42 -
Someone shouted, "How many people are unemployed now?"

7:42 -
Third strike. (Officially.) They were told that any further disruption will result in removal and possibly arrest and academic discipline.

7:45 -
"I have an objection if a University claims to honor the principles of academic freedom if it indoctrinates students."

7:46 -
A lot of protesters are leaving. Looks like their fun is over if they can't chant like sheep.

7:47 -
"The students who suffer most in such an academic setting are the liberal and left-wing students."

7:49 -
"If you teach Marxism in a university as if it is Newtonian physics, you are guilty of indoctrination."

7:51 -
"How many of you hear have been taught that gender is a social construct?" - "Because it IS," one girl interjects.

7:51 -
Hopefully that girl means "gender roles" are social constructs, because there are clearly identifiably biological differences for gender.

7:52 -
A pic of the protesters from earlier:

7:53 -
Of course, the protesters have calmed down a bit now:

7:56 -
If you believe sexual hierarchy is so prevalent, why have three of the last four Secretaries of State been women?

7:57 -
If you believe the racial hierarchy is so prevalent, then why is the most powerful man in the world black?

7:57 -
Now he's talking about Oprah Winfrey, who is the only person that can make any book a bestseller by recommending it. (Something I loathe.)

7:58 -
He describes Oprah as the most powerful figure in the private sector. He's probably right.

7:59 -
He mentions that Oprah has all this power and respect over an audience that has largely never been to any sort of "sensitivity training."

8:00 -
One girl among the protesters was briefly crying.

8:03 -
He just said that some of the classes teach that we're a, "racist, sexist, classist, homophobic society." Someone murmured, "True that."

8:08 -
"Cornel's CD is a watershed in the history of rap recording." A quote from Cornel West's brother. LALS.

8:08 -
"Cornel West has not written a scholarly paper in 20 years."

8:09 -
I wish he had mentioned Richard Thompson Ford, my personal favorite black intellectual.

8:11 -
Horowitz says that it's a shame to blacks that jokes like West are held up while real black scholars are ignored. Amen.

8:12 -
He mentioned one class titled "Great Religious Thinkers" which included scholars such as... Tupac Shakur.

8:13 -
"I was called a racist for objecting to a black professor who was an idiot." (Referring to the professor he criticized for including Tupac.)

8:23 -
Marxism doesn't work because "you can't get someone to work for somebody else the way they work for themselves."

8:25 -
"We can't all think if we're just going to chant together." Loud applause after that statement by Horowitz.

8:26 -
Q&A time. Our fearless leader Mike Garcia is defining for people where the line starts.

8:27 -
The line looks mostly filled with crazies. Should be fun.

8:27 -
"Marxism is a church itself."

8:29 -
Someone from the Daily Texan is here to ask a question.

8:31 -
He brought up the example of a military hierarchy having mobility while still being a hierarchy to explain the positions of Oprah and Obama.

8:34 -
He said women control most of the wealth in America, and they yelled "Fact check" at him.

8:35 -
Here's the fact check: "Women control 51.3 percent of the private wealth in the United States."

8:36 -
Oh snap! Dana Cloud is about to ask a question. She is a professor he has written about previously.

8:36 -
He said, "Lets give Dana Cloud a hand." Very polite.

8:50 -
Speech is over now.


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