All These Moments

All These Moments

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

UT Football

Alright, so, it may be a bit late to gloat about UT's triumph in the 2005 Rose Bowl, which was easily one of the best football games of all time. Lucky for you, this article will not be about the majesty of Vince Young or his performance in the Rosebowl.

Instead, this is about a game that people, exlcluding Texas Aggies, have forgotten about. Backtrack a bit to the UT-A&M rivalry game. It was a tense game, with A&M actually taking the lead for a moment, but of course, UT still finished strong, beating the Aggies 40-29.

Of course, the final score is insignificant, if A&M actually let UT win, so we should hear out my teacher's argument before passing judgement. She applied economics (Which is "not a subject" and "just a bunch of horse sh-- like psychology" according to Andrew Toniolo.) and stated that A&M had an incentive to throw the game. UT made $16 million that they shared with the Big 12 when they won the Rose Bowl. According to my teacher, this accounts for the dramatic shift from A&M's "devastating" performance in the first half of the game to the dominating performance of UT.

So, does the theory hold out? No. Unless there was a sudden tragedy, UT was guaranteed to go to a BCS bowl and get $16 million to share with the Big 12. So A&M would have to monetary incentive to worry about whether UT would go to the Rose Bowl or not, because the payout would have been the same for them if they made it to another BCS bowl. (Props to my sister for this information. <3) style="font-weight: bold;">can not, in any way talk a college senior into throwing a rivalry game. It's simply not possible.

The dominating performance in the second half of the game was not unusual as my teacher suspects it is. The 2005 UT football often would come back with a sudden, overpowering performance in the second half of the game.

So, my AP Economics teacher is just a silly aggie, trying to create a moral victory for herself out of last years UT-A&M football game.

"Only an Aggie would think that throwing a game is something to be proud of."
-- my sis

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wikipedia Sells Out... Again

So, Jimmy Wales told CNET that the German Wikipedia is going to experiment with a plan to prevent the many problems that supposedly plague the Wikipedias.

Now, the Germans propose, an edit to an article must be accepted by a "trusted" member of the de Wikipedia community before the article is actually updated. This is exactly the opposite of what wiki is about, in addition to being a ridiculously stupid idea.

The plan is completely unwiki because it proposes a layer in Wikipedian bureaucracy that stifles the one thing that is most important to Wikipedia: The freedom to edit an article and join in discussion. What if the "trusted" user has some sort of interest or bias about the article topic, and rejects the edit? It will probably just be lost forever. The only other option is a system of appeals or second opinion demands, which would just be too chaotic.

Another source of chaos would be heavily edited articles. A trusted user would need to monitor an article continuously and accept edits as they come along, otherwise, edits would quickly build up. What is the policy if two major edits are proposed to an article that can't possible compliment each other?

Wikipedia is supposed to be a self-correctiong open-source project, not a site of monitored and filtered submissions. The fact that this new system is even be experimented with on the de Wikipedia is nauseating. Why didn't Wales and Wikimedia learn from the Enciclopedia Libre fork? I personally think this new program just as offensive, if not more, than supporting a Wikipedia with advertisements.

To obey Godwin's Law, I'm now gonna go ahead and say that the new de Wikipedia proposal is more in line with Nazi Germany than it is with actual wiki philosophy.

No Pencil Necessary

So, I went an entire day at school today without having to use a pencil. I figure I'll share with you a summary of this phenomenon.

Swimming - I think this is self-explanatory.

AP European History - We read a packet, but no writing was required.

GT English - Our teacher basically talked to us the whole time about how bad the things are that pop culture promotes.

AcDec - No writing, just reviewing the gigantic amount of facts we had to read and memorize the previous night.

AP Economics - Horribly boring. The teacher just put information on the overhead and droned at us about going to college.

Pre-AP Pre-Calculus - No work, instead we did a little matching game to review some Algebra II concepts.

That's it, that is how I had an entire day of school without needing a pencil.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Now Eco-Friendly!

It seems like the cool new thing for a website to do is declare itself eco-friendly. Visit Google Maps with our eco-friendly maps! How wonderful and considerate of the environment, you don't print your maps out on paper. Of course, everyone who uses your site does, but I guess that's not something you have to take into account. (Those rogue map printers, their like the same people who use TiVo to skip commercials.)

So now, I'm coming out with my new, sweet, eco-friendly blog. I can one up Google on this issue, because I can say with certainty that nobody has printed out any of my blog entries, making it even more eco-friendly than Google Maps!

Let's not forgot The Office so quickly now. I got the first season DVD the other day. (It only contains six episodes, but they are still six precious episodes.) My mom thinks Jim, the protagonist of the show if there is one, reminds her of my friend Cris Ray, which is amusing. By now, I've gotten The Office theme song as my ringtone. It's good, now even if it's someoneI hate, I pick up happy, because I just heard the theme song from The Office.

Monday, August 07, 2006

More fiddling

So, I just realized that in IE my blog entries were centered, wtf man! I guess when you don't verify the alignment in your html tag the Firefox default is left aligned and the IE default is centered. So I fixed that. IE is just plain retarded, and doesn't have tabbed browsing. (I think I heard 7.0 does now or something, but I seriously don't know anything about IE anymore.)

If I lost you in all that html crap, don't worry, most of you people only happen to see html when you copy and paste a script someone else like me has written for you into your myspace or your xanga, you little leech. (I've proudly been writing html since I got a Geocities site back in fifth grade, oh, Geocities, I already feel like I'm getting old...) Anyways, what you really need to get out of this entry is that you should download Firefox, now. It's pretty much the best web browser ever made, the browser of the gods you might say, the 1337 gods (and not those Mac using devils).

If you're reading my blog using IE and anything else looks funky, just tell me. If you're a Mac user and you have a problem, that's the price you pay for using a Mac!

Name Explanation

I spent a few minutes fiddling with my blog before getting to my real chores today. Now there is a recent entries section on the sidebar! Along with the archives section, it will assist you in navigating the 3 tricky entries of mine so far.

I also figured that some explaining was in order for how I got the name for my blog. All These Moments is a reference to all the moments of my life you'll get to read about in my blog, as well as being a play from a line in a great quote from Blade Runner. (My favorite movie.)

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.

These were the last words of an android who knew his lifespan was only two years. (I've been around for 18, so don't get any suspicions.)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Office: Best Show Ever

I saw a bunch of the British episodes about a year ago during a BBC marathon, but my first exposure to the American Office was at my friend's house 2 weeks ago when, and I was instantly in love. The Office is pretty much the funniest show to emerge in a long time. It's definitely up there with Seinfeld and Futurama.

The BBC version was definitely better at being non-stop awkward (something both shows are), but I prefer the American version more because I like the characters more.

Pam and Jim sitting together, no doubt being forced to listen to Michael.

Everyman Jim and the lovely Pam. (Who I totally have a crush on.)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

A New Blog

So, this is my new blog, and this is my first entry, I feel like it should somehow be momentous, but it probably won't be. I've already spent quite a bit of time making this spiffy looking layout, so I don't have much energy to invest in writing a blog entry.

I figure I should tell you what to expect from my blog: not much. I'll occasionally share with ou interesting observations I've made. More often you will read some of my attempts at wit. You will also get to see some of my 1337 paintz skillz. (Crummy images I've made in MS Paint for those who are lost.)

Anyways, here are some interesting headlines:

The Bold Outlines of a Plot
Adapted as a Comic Book, The 9/11 Commission Report Hits Home Anew

Surgeons fought for hours to save Castro's life
Castro just won't die!


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