All These Moments

All These Moments

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Office: Best Show Ever

I saw a bunch of the British episodes about a year ago during a BBC marathon, but my first exposure to the American Office was at my friend's house 2 weeks ago when, and I was instantly in love. The Office is pretty much the funniest show to emerge in a long time. It's definitely up there with Seinfeld and Futurama.

The BBC version was definitely better at being non-stop awkward (something both shows are), but I prefer the American version more because I like the characters more.

Pam and Jim sitting together, no doubt being forced to listen to Michael.

Everyman Jim and the lovely Pam. (Who I totally have a crush on.)


Blogger treedon said...

oh my my.... jared has a crush on pam.....

oh and somebody won a bet....

12:41 AM  

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