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All These Moments

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Seinfeld/Microsoft Commercial

So Microsoft released the first of their ambitious new campaign in "response" to Apple's "I'm a Mac" ad campaign. People are unusually furious about the ad. The general reason is that they think it just doesn't make any sense and dislike it as well for not actually responding to, or attacking the Mac ads. Uh-oh, it looks like Microsoft made the mistake of not trying to copy Apple by giving their fanboys a hearty pat on the back.

I personally thought the commercial was pretty funny. What strikes me as odd is how furious people are about the fact that the commercial is about nothing. They hired Seinfeld! What did people expect other than a commercial of weird things like talking about how a shoe size runs small?

The L.A. Times seems to not be content just to trash the ad for not being funny, but must also insinuate that the ad is both racist and belittling of poor Americans. Is it racist for a hispanic family to speak Spanish to each other? Is it racist because they're eating churros? Is it racist because they curiously watch two incredibly famous and rich men in a shoe store? No, apparently the L.A. Times thinks it is racist because the hispanic family represents the kind of people who have to shop at a discount shoe store because they're too poor. What the fuck?!

What about the family caused the L.A. Times to come to the conclusion that this family was impoverished? Middle-class Americans also notice celebrities in public and aren't ashamed to buy a churro at the mall. The L.A. Times assumed this family was poor either because they were hispanic or because they were speaking Spanish, or both. In their shameful attempt to invent a high ground for themselves the L.A. Times actually makes a pretty egregious comment.

The L.A. Times also links to one of their own articles about the half a million people who lost their jobs this year. That's right, Bill Gates and Seinfeld are so arrogant that they will shoot a 1.5 minute commercial about shopping at a discount shoe store without addressing the unemployment situation in the current economy. The L.A. Times did hear that the commercial was supposed to be about nothing right? A political issue would be perceived more as 'something' to most Americans.

I really couldn't care less about the fact that most people don't appreciate the humor in the commercial. There is a point to be made, which is that Microsoft certainly does need to find a more mainstream sense of humor than the one in this commercial if they intend to keep running the Seinfeld ads on TV.

Even though I thought this ad was pretty much hilarious it still doesn't come close to comparing to the Demetri Martin ads. The Demetri Martin Finds Clearification web series he made was funnier than most TV comedies I watched last year. (Yeah, it was miles ahead of the latest season of The Office.)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I downloaded Google Chrome and have been using it for a day now. Their cute little comic book explanation for the browser says that one problem is they can't test it on pages that require a password, which is painfully obvious because Facebook loads like shit on Chrome. First of all if I type in and it takes me to an error page and suggests that the site is probably down. Actually Chrome just couldn't find the site unless I typed in, so if you're one of those people who feels like everyone should type three w's and a period in front of every URL this is the browser for you!

Seriously though the browser was released yesterday and is in Beta. (With Google's reputation the Beta will last a decade.) The one thing I like about Chrome is how they changed the architecture so that each tab gets its own little bit of memory. Of course this costs a bit of extra memory with every tab you're running, but you don't have to worry about nasty memory leaks that plague Firefox. All innovation aside there is plenty of reason to be wary of Chrome.

Everyone immediately wonder what inspired Google to create there own web browser since Firefox is already fighting IE with Google's support. The reason is because Microsoft upped the ante by developing a feature for IE8 that allows the user to block all Google advertisements. Google certainly couldn't stand for this so they decided to step into the ring themselves against Microsoft. Google has certainly done some interesting stuff with Chrome, and whether it will eventually catch up with Firefox's market share is unclear, but one thing I feel certain about is that I do NOT trust a browser that was developed for the sake of advertising.

(On a side note, does anyone notice that the color scheme of the Chrome comics kinda matches my blog layout? Blue pastel is just cliche Web2.0 but it still amuses me.)

Back from Hiatus?

So, I spontaneously decided to start blogging again today partially because my friend Jacquelyn is blogging about her year studying abroad in Paris, but mostly because my insomnia bested me and I gave up trying to sleep.

Looking back at my entries I realize it has been two years since I posted. Alot has changed since then, most notably I graduated high school and am starting my second year at The University of Texas. (Hook 'em.) I'm an English major, but don't expect anything impressive from this blog I'm busy enough as it is.

Anyways, this is all I plan on writing for now. I'm pretty sure I've got a blog entry about Chrome developing in my head so perhaps I'll post again later tonight.


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