All These Moments

All These Moments

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Monday, August 07, 2006

More fiddling

So, I just realized that in IE my blog entries were centered, wtf man! I guess when you don't verify the alignment in your html tag the Firefox default is left aligned and the IE default is centered. So I fixed that. IE is just plain retarded, and doesn't have tabbed browsing. (I think I heard 7.0 does now or something, but I seriously don't know anything about IE anymore.)

If I lost you in all that html crap, don't worry, most of you people only happen to see html when you copy and paste a script someone else like me has written for you into your myspace or your xanga, you little leech. (I've proudly been writing html since I got a Geocities site back in fifth grade, oh, Geocities, I already feel like I'm getting old...) Anyways, what you really need to get out of this entry is that you should download Firefox, now. It's pretty much the best web browser ever made, the browser of the gods you might say, the 1337 gods (and not those Mac using devils).

If you're reading my blog using IE and anything else looks funky, just tell me. If you're a Mac user and you have a problem, that's the price you pay for using a Mac!


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