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All These Moments

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Now Eco-Friendly!

It seems like the cool new thing for a website to do is declare itself eco-friendly. Visit Google Maps with our eco-friendly maps! How wonderful and considerate of the environment, you don't print your maps out on paper. Of course, everyone who uses your site does, but I guess that's not something you have to take into account. (Those rogue map printers, their like the same people who use TiVo to skip commercials.)

So now, I'm coming out with my new, sweet, eco-friendly blog. I can one up Google on this issue, because I can say with certainty that nobody has printed out any of my blog entries, making it even more eco-friendly than Google Maps!

Let's not forgot The Office so quickly now. I got the first season DVD the other day. (It only contains six episodes, but they are still six precious episodes.) My mom thinks Jim, the protagonist of the show if there is one, reminds her of my friend Cris Ray, which is amusing. By now, I've gotten The Office theme song as my ringtone. It's good, now even if it's someoneI hate, I pick up happy, because I just heard the theme song from The Office.


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