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All These Moments

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Normally I dislike swim team politics. It's often just gossip, and the drama is predictably petty and not worth the time writing about it. But not this morning.

Here is how is started. This morning, after our 400 push-ups, (I only wish I was exaggerating) we voted on t-shirts and meet suits instead of swimming. The boys and girls teams split and we were given some voting forms that featured cliche swimming t-shirt slogans and a few lines where we could suggest our own ideas. The idea was that we'd pick two we really liked, and then decide on one. Then the boys and girls teams would get together and reach an agreement on what the t-shirt should be. Then, chaos ensued after a simple conversation.

One last important fact: the boys teams is twices the size of the girls.

Someone jokingly suggested that we put Manpower, a joke from last year, on the t-shirt. Someone else realized that the guys team was twice as big as the girls, and that if we voted as a bloc, we stood a good chance of getting Manpower on the t-shirt.

This got us very excited. A pencil was passed around and everyone eagerly voted for Manpower. We sent a diplomat over to the girls team to deliver the documents.

Rebecca Conger, a captain on the girls team, quickly returned looking very displeased. Rather than addressing her grievance directly, she decided to criticize us for not reading the directions. "You're supposed to vote for two phrases," she said, giving me the papers in disgust. I took a moment to read the directions and gave my response. "Actually, it says to vote for 'up to two' phrases, which means we can just vote for one if we so choose." My response, of course, brought heckles and pleasure from the guys. "I wrote the directions!" she told me, becoming more irritated. "Well then, we all vote for Manpower twice." This didn't do much to improve her mood. Rebecca told us that, as a girls team captain, she had veto power over any suggestion and then stormed back to the girls team.

Coach Quindt seemed to be amused by the whole thing, Coach Montague told us we were being immature and that we needed to take this seriously. Of course, we were prepared for this. We unanimously declared that we would refuse to buy t-shirts unless our vote was respected, and that the girls could buy the shirts themselves, at a much higher price since they wouldn't get the bulk discount.

Rebecca came back later, and asked for a "reasonable" guy who would be willing to "compromise" to talk with. Nick, the antithesis of what she was hoping for, was elected for this position by a group chant, nixing Rebecca's plan. I suggested that we get to put Manpower on one side of the shirt, and that the girls could put whatever they wanted on the other side. Joy Turner decided to ask Cris Ray, who she expected to find this behavior immature, what he thought. Cris wholeheartedly supported the shirt-splitting idea, saying the girls could have the front and we could have the back. (I told him we should have the front, and he told me I was too demanding.)

It seemed we were going to get our way, and force the girls to wear a shirt saying Manpower to swim meets. I overheard one frustrated girl tell some of the others, "look, they're gonna get Manpower either way."

So, did we finally get our way? Can you hope to see a girl swimmer wearing a shirt to school one day that says Manpower? Regrettably, it is not so.

Just when it seemed like the girls may have schismed and we would've had our way. Somebody proposed to the coaches that we have girls team shirts and guys team shirts. The coaches agreed. So now, both shirts will have the same design on the back, but the boys shirt will say Manpower on the front and the girls team shirt will say Save Water, Shower Together.


Blogger treedon said...

and not one meantion of me being kicked out of the guy's group and into the girl's... which was un-fun

8:26 PM  
Blogger treedon said...

and man-power sucks!

8:26 PM  

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